X-Men Origin Recolored

I decided to recolor the introductory sequence from Uncanny X-Men #1, looking to strike a balance between the crude, flat coloring of the 1960s and today’s overly elaborate, effects-heavy coloring style. I think the coloring should match the style of the line art rather than overpower it with fussy modeling, but these classic stories definitely benefit from the expanded palette now available. I also incorporated my ideas about the X-Men’s costumes that were discussed in a previous post.


  1. I like your blog and find it very entertaining to read, so don't take offense if I say that your color choices here are really drab and make for ugly reading. Still better than modern comics, but I prefer Bright colors in super hero comics.

    1. Huh. After doing the Hulk's origin (about a gray monster at night), this one seemed really bright and colorful.