OMW: Sun Girl

Today, the ultimate OMW (Obscure Marvel Woman), whose very existence in the OMU (Original Marvel Universe) is largely speculative. Her true story has never been told.

Sun Girl

The mysterious adventuress known only as Sun Girl burst on the scene in the summer of 1948 and became a worldwide sensation. Her astonishing beauty, unsurpassed martial-arts skill, unparalleled acrobatic ability, and unconquerable will made her the toast of a fascinated public and the bane of a frustrated underworld. In addition to her natural abilities, she employed a number of technological devices as well, provided by admirers in the scientific community. Chief among these was a “sunbeam ray” that produced a blinding light.

In September of that year, Sun Girl began occasionally teaming up with the original Human Torch, and through the following winter she acted as his partner while his regular sidekick, Toro, was on a leave of absence. During one such adventure, she met Captain America (actually Jeff Mace, the third man to wear the costume). Associating with two of the world’s premiere superheroes only increased her fame.

Suddenly, in the spring of 1949, Sun Girl vanished without a trace, as mysteriously as she had appeared nine months before, and was never heard from again. In subsequent years, many legends grew up around Sun Girl, propagated mainly by men who remained obsessed with “the Mysterious Beauty,” as she had been dubbed in the press. Some writers claimed she was really a secretary and former WAC named Mary Mitchell, who had died at the same time Sun Girl disappeared. Others claimed that the heroine had been fighting crime since the late 1920s or early 1930s, but was possessed of eternal youth, leading to speculation that she was the Human Torch’s android lover or an extraterrestrial or a goddess. Despite the many theories, however, the truth about Sun Girl was never discovered.

First Appearance: Sun Girl #1

Final Appearance: Marvel Tales #97

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