OMW: Glamor

Continuing this month’s portraits of some of the fascinating, enigmatic, and sexy OMW (Obscure Marvel Women) of the OMU (Original Marvel Universe).


Glynis Zarkov, under the stage name Glamor, worked with her husband Ilya as a performing magician in New York City, although the couple accomplished their feats using actual superhuman powers rather than sleight-of-hand or other trickery. Fearing that audiences would feel cheated if the truth were known, the Zarkovs kept a low profile, and lived like a typical married couple in their suburban home of Leonia, New Jersey.

When the superhero couple the Vision and the Scarlet Witch moved into the neighborhood in September 1973, the Zarkovs decided it was in their best interest to assist the two Avengers in dealing with a group of intolerant residents who were intent on driving them out. As a result, the foursome became good friends and invited each other to various holiday celebrations.

However, since the Zarkovs supplemented their income with the occasional jewel heist, they eventually realized it was too risky to maintain such a friendship, and so they sought to distance themselves from the heroic couple. When the Vision and the Scarlet Witch moved to California, the problem was solved.

First Appearance: Vision and the Scarlet Witch v.2 #4

Final Appearance: Vision and the Scarlet Witch v.2 #12

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