Hulk Origin Recolored

Just for fun, I decided to recolor the origin sequence from Incredible Hulk #1. I also wanted to show what I think of as a happy medium between the crude, flat coloring of the 1960s and the over-rendered, effects-heavy coloring popular today. When these modern techniques are applied to reprints of Silver Age material, the coloring tends to overpower the line art, I feel, especially with all the fussy modeling that makes every surface look like latex. The coloring should have roughly the same level of stylization as the artwork itself, so the two can work in harmony rather than fighting each other for attention. However, the old stories can certainly benefit tremendously from the expanded palette now available. A comic book masterpiece like this deserves to look its best.

Script: Stan Lee
Pencils: Jack Kirby
Inks: Paul Reinman
Lettering: Art Simek

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